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Harvest Moon

Episode 9: harvest moon


Felicity and Rockstar have an unusual encounter while taking a shortcut through the woods.  

Currently on the film festival circuit.  Video will be available soon!

Episode 8: christmas caroled


On Christmas Eve, Rockstar looks for a Christmas revelation.

Episode 7: projecting the blues


Rockstar and Felicity get into an argument that leads to injury and insult.

Episode 6: felicity rose and the ghost


Felicity Rose discovers a spooky secret on Halloween. 

Episode 5: hum drum


The Traveller works up some magic.

Episode 4: technological nincompoopery


The arms race begins.

Episode 3: silent night


A man gets a visit from Santa... or does he?

Episode 2: breakfast


Sanity is questioned over breakfast.

Episode 1: upon the path


Premiere Episode of our new internet show with Puppets!

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